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ANECD Participation in C20 summit

The 2020 Civil Society 20 (C20) Summit was the largest gathering of civil society in G20 history. Over the 5 days of the Summit approximately 40,000 global participants joined the attended sessions from 118 countries conducted by 380 speakers across 65 sessions. Throughout 2020, C20 global membership expanded to 1,500+ civil society organizations. The Summit convened to discuss the global challenges under the following topics: Covid-19 Response and Recovery, Economic and Social Justice, Well-being of People and Planet, Citizen Agency and Empowerment, and Accountability and Transparency.


The Executive Director of ANECD, Dr. Ghassan Issa, participated among other panelists in one of C20s sessions to discuss the “Response to COVID-19 for children in fragile and conflict affected settings: The promise of Early childhood Development.” The session was hosted by the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC), and was moderated by Dr. Rima Salah, the ECPC’s chairperson, and the other speakers were Prof. James Leckman from Yale University Child Study Center, Siobhan Fitzpatrick from Early Years-Ireland, Nada Elattar from UNICEF-HQ, and Ana Tenorio from World Vision International.


The session aimed at examining the invisible impact of COVID-19 on the world’s most

vulnerable children, and how investing in early childhood care and education can combat

COVID-19’s short- and long-term impact on children living among poverty, conflicts, wars, and displacement.


All the Summit sessions have been recorded and are available to be viewed on the C20 Summit platform or through the C20 YouTube channel.