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ARC and ANECD Salute the OSF ECP Team

Almost two decades ago, Sarah (Klaus) and I met within the activities of the Consultative Group for ECD, triggering exchanges between the Arab Resource Collective (ARC) and the International Step-by Step Association (ISSA). When the Open Society Foundation (OSF) Early Childhood Programme (ECP) was set up in 2008 in London, I had the privilege to serve for one term of six years on the ECP’s Advisory Board. It was stimulating and enriching, as the ECP developed into a major actor in the global ECD world over the following years. When ARC’s ECD programme revived its regional networking from 2010 onwards, ECP provided financial and professional support. By the middle of the decade, it was time to formalise the Arab Network for ECD (ANECD). Tina (Hyder) came on to the scene and interacted actively with the process, during the meetings and as ANECD developed from a concept into an active network. She brought with her the experience of other regional networks and the global perspective. It is regrettable to see the OSF/ECP terminated right when it had become an unrivalled actor in the ECD movement: supporting local programming, focusing on regional networking, and influencing global approaches. True to their commitment, though, the OSF/ECP team made sure to leave ANECD and all the regional networks with a solid foundation for the years ahead. So, Sarah, Tina, and the team, as well as all friends, colleagues, and Advisory Board members who were part of the OSF/ECP venture: with my ANECD/ARC’s colleagues… I salute you!


Youssef Hajjar


Co-founder and advisor