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The objective of the analysis provided in this book is to offer evidence on the state of ECD in MENA in order to allow policy makers to implement better policies and programs, as well as to target programs to those with the greatest need. The information will also allow countries to benchmark their progress and to learn from the experiences of other countries and regions.

This document is written primarily for public health actors. As the social determinants of mental health and psychosocial problems occur across sectors, half of the tools in the accompanying toolkit cover MHPSS assessment issues relevant to other sectors as well as the health sector. This document should help you to collect the necessary information to assist people affected by humanitarian crises more effectively:

This Handbook is designed to give governments and humanitarian workers the tools that they need to address the Education for All and UN Millennium Development Goals. It is the first step toward ensuring that education initiatives in emergencies provide a solid and sound basis for post-conflict and disaster reconstruction.